Screens of temperature charts, of time, of functioning of the pump, preserved over one year. For example, the retrospective analysis of the water consumption which can lead to the detection of possible leaks

Possible integration KNX for piloting since a home automation house, if the latter exists.
Management of access rights with various user levels practises for the rent of a villa, visitors, children etc. …

Available user interface in several languages
The program includes in all more than about forty screens...

In a few words which are the advantages of the system AzurPool :
- Simplicity: identical friendly interface on all the screens,
- Opening: integration with the majority of equipments available on the market
- Independence: everything is integrated into the box, including the Web server
- Exclusivity: unique on the market the modes scenarios, the use of a measurement system of the water level not having contact with the latter, the piloting of automatic valves, variation of the speed pumps with an external inverter, management of two different basins…
- Evolution capacities: update of the program and the graphical interface, following the needs for the users, via Internet..

Whom you are at home or in travel, the box AzurPool manages everything for you. Your equipment swimming pool is exploited at the most by its capacity, he answers a continual need for search for economy because he always works advisedly and thus not pointlessly.

Riviera301: Polyester box 650x515x250. touch screen de 12,1’’. 

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