Riviera box Available in different sizes The AzurPool Riviera box is connected to all the equipment to be controlled. More information
AzurPool gives a TOTAL control Access on computers Tablets and smartphones
Pleasant & Scalable Interface It manages numerous features automatically. More information
Essential complement for infinity-edge pools The WaterLevel measures precisely in mm the water level of the tank buffer More information

The swimming pool control from a smartphone or a tablet thanks to the AzurPool Riviera box.

Whether you are at home or travel, the AzurPool box manages everythings for you with an simple activation of scenarios Your equipment swimming pool is exploited at the most of its capacity.

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The swimming Pool automation

Hello and Welcome on Azurpool, a box who purposes an open solution of swimming pool automation becoming integrated with most of the equipments

The AzurPool Riviera box, installed in the technical room of the swimming pool, is connected to all the equipment to be controlled. The box also integrates an embedded dedicated server and allows access from tablets, smartphones, and computers with an interface to the top for both technophiles as technophobes. Essential complement for infinity-edge pools, WaterLevelPro of AzurPool measures precisely (in cm) the water level of the tank buffer, thanks to a unique process without any contact with the water. Thus, for example, it is now possible to detect the presence of bathers and activate automatically the appropriate script.


    The box integrates an embedded dedicated server

    It avoids having to pass by a subscription in the cloud, eliminating the risks inherent to the latter. The connection between the interface of consultation and the box is thus direct and quick.


    Manage multiple features

    Piloting of filtrations, Piloting of lightings, Piloting of salt chlorinator, Piloting of PH pump, Piloting of heating, Piloting of auxiliary outputs.



    it meets a continuing need to search for savings because it still works properly and therefore unnecessary.

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