WaterLevelProAllows to measure the level of water


WaterLevelPro of AzurPool allows to measure precisely (in mm) the water level of the tank buffer or of the swimming pool. It interfaces with all the Riviera box ranges and allows a fine management of the water level in the buffer tank, without contact with water. The level measurement is carried out by ultrasonic.

The main function of WaterLevel is managing different actions depending on the water level: Piloting fill valve, pump protection in case of lack of water, ... tasks usually performed with a sensor system to immerse 3, 5 or 7 sensors. The benefit for the installer is that the settings are not mechanical but simply a parameter software.

One advantage of a fine measurement of water level, is the totalization of water consumption and allows for example to put in evidence a water leak.

The WaterLevel also allows detection of the presence of a swimmer by rapid measurement of the water level in the buffer tank and allows automatic activation scenarios. For example the lower level to avoid too spoil water in case of heckling and other bombs in the water, or the closure cover prohibition.

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