User interface An Comprehensive explanation of main interfaces of the Rivera Box

Direct access to adjustment ranges with a single click on the image, on one of the framed information. Ability to switch to full screen mode.

  • GPS coordinates to calculate the time of sunrise and sunset
  • Adjustable pool size
  • License Management
  • User level Management
  • Managing Email settings


Independent management of the pool and garden lighting.

  • Possibility to automatically turn on the Pool and / or the Garden at duskt
  • Totalizer of the operating time of the lighting
  • Possibility of prohibiting turning on the light if it is not night
  • Displaying the time left before turning off the lights
  • Managing lighting areas from a single physical button


Display of outside temperatures, basin and Jacuzzi

  • Ability to switch to full screen
  • Control of the Heat Pump with temperature adjustment To 10th degree
  • Calibration independent of temperature probes
  • Management Alarm temperature (frost, heat wave, ...)
  • Management Min / Max with reset


Changeover from one scenario to another modifies all of the associated parameters. Works as a macro system.

  • Editable Scenario Name
  • Display of active scenario
  • Summary of all parameters assigned to a scenario
  • Graphical configuration of the valves to open or close
  • Limiting the number of available scenario based on the user login


Shutter and webcam management (optional)

  • Management of shutter with key switch
  • The regulation requires a direct view of the swimming pool
  • Setting the shutter limit position (supports pulse or limit switch)
  • Support of IP Cam web with retrieval of images


Robot management by default. Many other modules are planned

  • Manual Robot Control, or Weekly Programming
  • Display of remaining Robot cycle time
  • Cascade Management (optional)
  • Garden Watering Management (optional)
  • Management of communication with home automation House (optional)


Real time display of operating pumps and other equipment in the equipment room

  • Management of the pump speed variation
  • Level control in the basin or buffer tank with settings to the nearest cm
  • Display of Ph, Electrolysis, UV treatment, ...
  • Management of the pressure in the circuit (filter clogged, pump inoperative, ...)/li>
  • Intelligent on / off control of the box locally and / or remotely


Management of active alarms with the possibility of acknowledging an alarm

  • Highlighting active and / or unacknowledged alarms
  • Repeat count of alarms by category
  • Possibility to filter on active alarms only for example
  • Possibility of sorting the alarms in order of arrival for example
  • Automatically send email


Display of trend curves in real time

  • Conservation of all historical records over 1 year or 10 years (depending on the model)
  • Scales, color and zoom level adjustable
  • Export to spreadsheet from a PC browser
  • Direct access to a period
  • All monitored parameters and historized


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